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Larry Heagle

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Larry Heagle

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Larry Heagle has created serious & humorous music for the Midwest for 33 years. He's mostly Irish, with all the sentiment and humor that frequently comes with those origins, though I doubt that he'd ever blame anyone else for his sometimes-bawdy sense of humor.

All the songs in this program are written & performed by Larry Heagle

Kim's Song   from Irish Heart
Ian's Eulogy   from Irish Heart
The Wolf   from Irish Heart
Irish Heart   from Irish Heart
Shelter in the Storm   from Irish Heart
Nose Song   from Rude, Crude and Poor
The Wood Tick Song   from Rude, Crude and Poor


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The songs and lyrics were all

The songs and lyrics were all familiar to me, but they moved me all over again, especially the two poem-melodies to Kim. But also Ian and Gerald F. Mark, the interviewer, seemed to know Larry well and obviously had a 'spiritual' dimension to his perspective. Larry's reflections are genuine and beyond the usual superficial comments that so many artists engage in. In fact, he speaks to the 'holy longing', the ache for a genuine 'more' and the honest facing of loss that so many people are wrestling with day by day. It confirms for me again that religion as an organized movement has lost its roots in genuine spirituality and has become all about 'orthodoxy', ethical rule keeping, scolding, guilt projection, and--these days especially--politics. But it is the worst kind of politics--ideologically falling off into some black hole on the far right, with little or know grasp of compassion as the heart of all spirituality. So, it is little wonder that spirituality is more and more separated from religion. It's sad, however, because for millenia the diverse religious traditions of the world were also the primary bearers and locus of authentic spirituality. But not anymore. There is nothing more dangerous than religion gone awry. Except perhaps for atheism gone awry, as in Stalin, Pot Pol, and their millions of colleagues.

Mark: Well of course, this

Mark: Well of course, this show was a FIVE all the way -- mostly because the interviewer was so good! Kim and I both enjoyed meeting you. Keep up the good work. Stupid me. I should have mentioned that I will be at Obsessions Chocolate on August 20th from 7-9 PM doing all the tunes from the albums.

Mark I'm listening to this

Mark I'm listening to this show at home. We had several of your shows on CD that we listened to while travelling home from FGC. Loved the music and the interviews. I'm am currently trying to get someone interested at our local radio station (KPTZ Port Townsend) in playing some of your shows. Can you send me some details on what you expect or require. Thanks

I can use a little humor in

I can use a little humor in my life, nice music too. thanks.

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