John Haigis' Song of the Soul


John Haigis

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photo of John and Jan Haigis standing outside by a split-rail fence on a sunny day, wearing pioneer costumes

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John Haigis and his wife, Jan, make exceptionally diverse music, music that is silly, serious, spiritual and much more. Out of dulcimer and voice they weave simple and way-faring music, from Groundhog Day carols to an upbeat version of the Lord's Prayer. Find more about them - and their many interests - via their website

All the songs in this program are performed by John & Jan Haigis:

Knight In Rumpled Armor
Song of the Mystic
Watersheds Wide
Joyful Noise
Lord's Prayer
If I Should Pass
Groundhog Peers
Better Way
Jim Bludsoe
Pacobel’s Pop Gun



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