Julie (Hecksel) Patchouli's Song of the Soul


Julie Patchouli

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Julie and Bruce Hecksel are Patchouli and 'Fast Forward Folk' is what it says on their website. Julie caught the guitar bug seeing Taj Mahal while in her teens. You can sample some of their music on Patchouli MySpace.

All the songs in this program are performed by Patchouli:

Strawberry Blues
The Day We Let Go
The Woods
Love Shines
The Puzzle
The Labyrinth


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What an amazing, positive

What an amazing, positive person. Their music is truely from their hearts. You can't help but smile.

Terrific Interview. The story

Terrific Interview. The story behind each song is a big part of the experience when you attend a Patchouli show. Julie and Bruce are two of the most positive and friendly people I have ever met. FRC

This story is told honestly –

This story is told honestly – that, I think adds to the appeal of the 7 wonderfully crafted songs Julie shares with us. I got tripped up a bit when she talked about the origins of ‘The Day We Let Go’ and ‘Labyrinth’ – it’s hard to imagine that such a positive sprit as Julie’s could, or would every have to suffer. But realistically, I think the experiences she speaks of where necessary in order for her to create songs of this depth. It may have been her way of distancing herself from her troubles and losses. In a sense, I see her some of her songs as prayers. In particular, her writing ‘Labyrinth’ during that particularly difficult period of time she speaks of seems to have brought her closer to those she lost – much like prayers do for me.

Amazing Julie!

Patchouli is my absolute favorite music. Julie is my idol, and I listen to Patchouli whenever I can (which is all the time:) Keep up the great work Patchouli!!!


Cool!!!!!!! Luv Patchouli! Happy to find Bruce's too! Great interview. I smiled


Cool my names sarah 2 but i spell it better.

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