Kate MacLeod's Song of the Soul


Kate MacLeod

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Singer/songwriter Kate MacLeod was a Utah violin-maker, but became a performer when push came to shove. The fiddle/violin is her special instrument among the other instruments she plays, but my favorite is her voice. Catholic raised, Quaker at present, she’s a story-teller, a folk singer, a blue grass virtuoso.

All the songs in this program are performed by Kate MacLeod:

Lark In The Morning from Trying To Get It Right
Gospel Songs from Trying To Get It Right
Revelation #1 from Feel the Earth Spin
Tom Egan from Drawn From The Well
Autumn    from Breakfast
Potter's Wheel from Breakfast
Wyoming Dove Single



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Wonderful show

Wonderful show. I was not familiar with much of Kate's music and I loved this.

Kate MacLeod's Song of the Soul

I really enjoy all of the Song of the Soul shows. Please keep them coming. Kate's show was particularly interesting since I am a member of the Salt Lake Monthly Meeting, and enjoy her music very much. I think the show gives important visibility to Quakers and their view of the world. The Quaker spiritual approach and testimonies come to light in direct and subtle ways. Continued success with your important work.

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