Larry Penn Rides Again, Part 2


Bill Camplin
Mark Dvorak
Brett Kemnitz

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Larry Penn

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Larry Penn was a prolific folk musician/song-writer in the footsteps of folks like Woody Guthrie and Utah Phillips, until his death in October, 2014. Using themes like trains, workers, and powerful, common folks, Larry was inspirational to so very many others, and some of those folks share their stories and Larry's songs in celebration of Larry. In part 2 of 2, we talk with Bill Camplin, Mark Dvorak and Brett Kemnitz.

All songs in this program are written by Larry Penn, and they are performed by him, unless otherwise noted:

A Railroad Life for Me
Tuscan Red Rose
Banks of the Ohio - performed by Mark Dvorak
My Grandma's Patchwork Quilt
No Self-respecting Hobo
End of Train Device


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All good, but the best was yours, Brett

Brett, I really appreciated everyone's contributions to the program, but particularly yours in part 2.

Honoring Larry

Agreed! I'm currently learning a few Larry songs for a tribute at the Bay View Massacre ceremony. How wonderful and sad to hear his voice and guitar again. Thanks Brett for putting together such wonderful friends over the years to play his music and honor him while he was alive.

You, too, Craig

Thank you Craig, for sharing you friendship, stories and feelings about Larry as well. You & Brett are so kind, thoughtful and well spoken in your remembrances of Larry. I have sat in wonder, joy and sadness, too, as I have been listening & cataloging the hundreds of songs that we recorded together over the years here at the studio. Each song brings many strong memories of our time together.

A treasure

Every moment in Larry's presence was/is a treasure to me.

Wat a guy!

Wat a guy!

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