Leftover Dreams & Peace of the Present


Patrice Haan

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Patrice Haan playing her harp

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Patrice Haan has been part of the leadership of the Bay Area Folk Harp Society, producing music with an instrument wonderfully compatible with her voice & lyrics. She has 2 CDs on her own, and another 2 as part of the duet Leftover Dreams. Whether she's singing the water-infused songs of her own pen, sharing healing in hospitals with Healing Muses or performing the jazz/torch song music of Leftover Dreams, there's loads of heart & Spirit to bask in.

All the songs in this program are written & performed by Patrice Haan:

If I Were a Lake from Bluest Blue
Be Still My Heart from Bluest Blue
Grasshopper Hymn from Headed Home
I'm Not Far Away from Headed Home
Penelope from Bluest Blue
Fireweed from Bluest Blue



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What an extraordinary

What an extraordinary interview! This is so far beyond "nice song, what key is it in?" Though I am happy to answer that too. We talked of God and formative life experiences and whether a church upbringing is a help or hindrance later in life .. and cabbages and kings. My most profound thanks to my new friend Mark Judkins Helpsmeet.

Friend Patrice Haan,

Friend Patrice Haan, Listening to the broadcast as I write and love that you list Quaker as a Spiritual influence...as I was a Friend for many years and still hold "to the Light in everyone." And you hail from Canada, as did my mother's ancestors.

Nice work!

Nice work!

You are as articulate and

You are as articulate and charming as I remember you. You made me laugh and I also felt your sadness when you talked of your mothers passing. You have gone through a lot my friend, I am so happy that you have come into your own and still growing strong. All my best for you as you go down your path and see your dreams fulfilled.

Thanks for sharing both your

Thanks for sharing both your insights and your music. Much appreciated.

After close to 40 years gone

After close to 40 years gone by Patice's exquisite voice and lyrics are still recognizable without any introduction.

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