Lying Down With Sinners - Mother Banjo's Song of the Soul


Mother Banjo
Ellen Stanley

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Mother Banjo

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Mother Banjo is Ellen Stanley, an incredible voice and talented songwriter of the folk/gospel/Americana/down-homey variety. When Ellen is not promoting other great musicians for Red House Records or being a DJ for Womenfolk on KFAI, you may be lucky enough to see her perform as Mother Banjo.

Lying Down with Sinners from Stray Songs
New  from Stray Songs
Revival Train from The Sad and Found
I'm Waiting on upcoming The Devil Hasn't Won
Come Life from Swing Low
Firebird from Stray Songs
Christmas Came Early free download at Mother Banjo


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Just started listening to

Just started listening to Valley Free Radio, which hosts your show Song of the Soul. Thank you for a wonderful show, her music was very beautiful, I am not a religious person but the true and kind spirituality of her music was apparent and refreshing, especially in these days of forced religiousness in the current presidential campaign, not to mention her expert musicianship. Again thank you, maybe Mother Banjo will come out to the Western Massachusetts Hill towns.

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