Mary Shapiro's Song of the Soul


Mary Shapiro

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Self-proclaimed as a Jewish-Christian-Mystic-Pluralist, Mary Shapiro is clearly a rich spiritual pastiche. Her music is folk-rock-progressive, and she carries deep passion for work to heal and grow the world. Native to the Midwest, Washington DC is her current home.

Songs included in Mary Shapiro's Song of the Soul:

Family   Mary Shapiro
Dreams   Mary Shapiro
Attend the Sky   Susan Werner
P-E-A-C-E   Mary Shapiro
Justice x Love   music by Peter Scholte, words by Mary Shapiro
Home   Mary Shapiro
Sacred in All   Mary Shapiro



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Sweet voice

Mary has a sweet voice that melts stress and allows it to flow from the body. Her words are a gentle reminder of what is really important. Your show is a blessing to all who stop by to listen.

Inspiring and uplifting

Inspiring and Uplifting. Thank you Mark and Mary for filling this last hour with enjoyment and grace.

Mary Shapiro

SO PROUD OF YOU, MARY!!!!!! What a wonderful show. I truly enjoyed listening to it and cannot wait to see you here in Cleveland soon!

Very nice songs

Very Nice Songs. Thank you Mary


Wow, I love Cris Williamson's music and love the idea of connecting music and spiritual journey. It is a quite natural connection and I know that that, from an early age, each mixed tape, CD and now playlist I make is a kind of spiritual snapshot. I, too have been blessed by Mary on and off stage and look forward to touring the west coast with her this summer. Thank you!

Mary speaks with her soul

Mary is truly a person who speaks with her soul, and I have been blessed to spend time with her, both on and off stage. The songs she selected are truly a genuine representation of the walk she has engaged, and I can't wait for her new disc to come out.

Powerful sharing


Thank you

Thank you SOOOO much Mark! You made this, (my first radio interview!) easy and enjoyable!

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