Mesoamerica Resiste: Beyond Colonialism


Tyler Norman

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Tyler Norman

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Tyler Norman and The Beehive Collective are tackling the big issues, like globalization, climate change, and the danger of extinction in creative and decentralized ways. Grown out of the anti-WTO movements and with an eye to encouraging, energizing methods of spurring change, an important approach to spreading the word has been super-sized graphic creations which empower alternative story-telling. Their largest project to-date has been Mesoamerica Resiste. View the accompanying Powerpoint slideshow HERE (it's large, so be patient downloading).


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Love having the visuals to

Love having the visuals to follow along. Great message and well presented.


To speak boldly since Catholicism's stand of this great war happening around the world! The Roman Catholic church must come out from comfort to save those who are suffering nowadays! I have a vision that Catholics can change the world from grief and everything! Every catholic is on mission to save those who are in the battle! We must go to the battle to restore those lives! There is no allowed time to move but now! It is everyone's responsibility to save those who are hurt! Not just to focus on the spiritual aspect of the gospel but the basic! That's why let us eradicate the plain fields and the battle line! Now is the expected time , now is the provision of the lord! For we are expected by god to take them out from darkness! We are expected to literally to save their lives! We are on the advantage , so let us not forsake them!
It is not just prayers or holy words that they need! They need materials,possessions,resettlements! For we are living now in the climax of the gospel! This is a call , this is history! I pray that the body of church catholics will determine and take hold of this duty! Some are suffering of shelters, food, clothes , medicines!School materials, work,etc.
I spiritually acknowledge to save their souls but more on that is about their physical needs! Thank you and God bless@!
Bro. Lee- a cost for christ

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