Midwifery - Martha Nieman & Brenda Gagnon


Martha Nieman
Brenda Gagnon

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Martha Nieman and Brenda Gagnon are nurse midwives in Eau Claire with a few decades of experience between them. They share of the spiritual nature of their work and how it flows from and is rooted in their spiritual lives.

Martha and Brenda both draw on deep spiritual lives. Martha was raised as a daughter of a preacher, eventually becoming an ordained elder in the Presbyterian Church, though she has now become a Quaker and transferred her membership to Eau Claire Friends Meeting.. Brenda grew up in the United Church of Christ, conververted to Catholicism as a young adult, attended United Theological Seminary in the Twin Cities, and is currently a part of Unity Christ Center in Eau Claire.


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As timely as it was when

As timely as it was when recorded in March of 2006. The Northern Spirit archives are a marvelous treasure trove for us all (< : thanks mark !

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