No Dust Bowl on Vashon Island


Kat Eggleston

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Kat Eggleston

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Though the music of Kat Eggleston shines its light widely, it strongly reflects the light & love passed on from her parents, particularly her Dust-Bowl-raised father. He bequeathed to Kat loads of creativity and his eventual home on Vashon Island, in the rainy Northwest. Kat's guitar, lyrics, and voice are all first rate and, as Jonathan Byrd comments, 'She kicks so much ass she has to buy new shoes.' Kat & others will be performing The Cyclone Line, a musical dedicated to her father, presenting the first weekend of November, 2016, at the Vashon Center for the Arts.

All the songs in this program are performed by Kat Eggleston and her friends:

49 Rooms - from Speak
Home - from Speak
Go to the Water - from Outside Eden
Brian - from Outside Eden
Africa - unreleased home recording
All the Days - not yet released

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Kat's music is wonderful!

Kat's music is wonderful! I look forward to listening.

Cyclone Line is happening!

Yes, yes! The Cyclone Line is happening! Let it blanket us like the sweet rain.

Loved the interview!

I loved listening to the interview and your singing!

So cool

Kat, such a great interview. You're so cool.

Great program

I did one with him a long time ago, this is a great program.

Cooled me out

I watched too much politics this morning and felt anxious and your interview cooled me out. Thanks!

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing your voice and songs

Cousin Kat. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing your voice and songs. Even though 1770 miles separates us, the interview brought you into my home. Love you, miss you, and hope to see you soon just because. Not because of a funeral or wedding.

I had so much fun doing this interview

I had so much fun doing this interview... Thank you, Mark Helpsmeet and Northern Spirit Radio! Tagging Brian Gunter and Charlotte Tiencken, both mentioned while talking about my play "The Cyclone Line." And hey, Northern Spirit Radio plays these interviews on the radio in Bellingham (Chad Petersen) and Decorah Iowa (Dale Kittleson, Elsie Kittleson, Steve Grinna). Or of course, just go to the site to listen. I listened to several of the archived interviews, there are so many, and well worth listening to.

Exquisite guitar playing

My gosh, your guitar playing is exquisite. The purity of your performance is magical... the whole package! Brilliant.

Monthly show?

Kat, just got through listening. It was a great interview and as always, I loved hearing you sing! Can you remind me when the radio show with you and John Dally is every month? I think it's coming up soon and I don't want to miss it. I can't remember which day of the month it always comes on.

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