Nuclear Weapons & The Nobel Peace Prize


Timmon B. Wallis

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Timmon B. Wallis

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Timmon B. Wallis has spent his life building the tools of peace & getting rid of the weapons of war. In Disarming the Nuclear Argument: The Truth about Nuclear Weapons, Tim dispells the myths, clears the fog, & inspires for a better, safer, world. Opportunely timed with the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to ICAN - International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, with whom Tim partnered, the book provides background to understanding the momentous step forward of the Treaty on the Ban of Nuclear Weapons. Tim's Ph.D. is in Peace Studies, and he's worked with Peace Brigades IntlPeaceworkers UKNonviolent Peaceforce, and, most recently, with Peace & Disarmament for Quaker Peace & Social Witness in the UK.

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Great Work!

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