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Joel Pace

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Joel Pace

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Mild-mannered, big-hearted Joel Pace finds expression for his wide-ranging passions and intellect both in the English Dept at UW-EC and in writing and performing as part of Irie Sol, with its authentic Jamaican chat/DJing and soaring, soulful melodies backed by blazing bebop horns, wailing guitar, and tight drum and bass, and with Eggplant Heroes, who blend multi-part harmonies with guitar, trumpet, violin, mandolin, and bass, to present an eclectic mix of originals, literary adaptations, mountain gospel, and folk.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:
One Love

 Irie Sol Band Members: Collin James Couey, Samuel De Moraes, Kurt Fischer, Derrick Keith, Thomas Krochock, DJ Moses, Lars Nelson, Joel Pace, Drew Ruenger, Sean "Smitty" Smith, Anibal Soares, Junior Williams

Eggplant Heroes Band Members: Duffy Duyfhuizen, Max Garland, Lucas K. Fischer, Caleb Horne, Olaf Lind, Joel Pace, Dan Zerr

Featured Music:
Eau Claire Sound - from Dred Scott Fitzgerald EP by Irie Sol
Beethoven's 420th - from Irie Sol: Live in Nashville by Irie Sol
Via Canzone - from After This Time by Eggplant Heroes
I M Walkin - from Solstice by Irie Sol 
Reggae Gatsby - from Dred Scott Fitzgerald EP by Irie Sol



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