River of the Big Canoe - Ed Trickett's Song of the Soul


Ed Trickett

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Ed Trickett

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Ed Trickett has a long and fruitful connection with folk music, on his own and as part of the nearly legendary trio, Bok, Muir & Trickett, all recording with Folk Legacy Records. When he's not on the road, Ed is a prof of psychology at Univ of Illinois - Chicago.

All the songs in this program are performed by Ed Trickett:

Gently Down the Stream of Time written by Major J. Barton in 1869
Who's Gonna Buy You Ribbons written by Paul Clayton
No Man's Land written by Eric Bogle
Aragon Mill written by Si Kahn
Rock the Cradle Joe traditional
River of the Big Canoe written by Bob Dyer
Broken Hand written by Dan McCrimmon




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I'm so glad you took my

I'm so glad you took my advice and did the interview with Ed Trickett! He sounds every bit as honest, wise, caring, and humorous as I had imagined. Great to hear his story - as you pointed out, news of him is hard to come by. Thank you! The reason why I'm not giving it top rating is that unfortuately, the telephone line from Chicago wasn't very good. His voice is blurred sometimes. A pity, but can't be helped, I guess.

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