Rolling Wheelchair Blues - Mike Hamer's Song of the Soul


Mike Hamer

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Mike Hamer

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Mike Hamer is a singer/songwriter from Greenville, North Carolina, who performs a rich variety of music, often as part of Mike Hamer and the Rhinoceroses with the Angelic Choir. Until an accident left him a quadriplegic, Mike had played guitar and bass, but found that the hammer dulcimer worked for him afterwards. He's an inspired and inspirational musician and songwriter.

Mike died December, 2017.

All the songs in this program are performed by Mike Hamer (and friends):
Our Lady of Hope
Fill Me Up
Under the Stone
Rolling Wheelchair Blues
Pee in the Woods
Finally Coming Home
It's Gonna Be Alright



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Mark, Thank you for bringing

Mark, Thank you for bringing us the wonderful spirit and music of Mike Hamer. He taught me guitar some 40 years ago with the utmost patience and good humor, and I remember fondly the days of playing music with him. Whatever the venue: bars, coffehouses, nursing homes, or girl scout meeings, and whomever the audience - from the most disconsolate drunk to the most irrepressible kid, Mike brought an incredible joie de vivre and ability to connect, and was always looking to dissolve that stuff that holds us back from one another. And he's been doing that with his music for over half a century! Rock on, my man!

Mike is my brother...heard a

Mike is my brother...heard a few things I wasn't aware of!!!!! Good showBLAKOW

Great interview and wonderful

Great interview and wonderful to hear Mike talking so much about himself and then playing his music. Brought me back to Greenville days when Mike's music was the heart and soul of a community --definitely brought it all back home. Loved the way he reminded us of Annie Dillard's mysticism, his myth classes and telling now of going back to church. Full circle. Loved hearing about trying a new musical instrument not just for the fun of it but also the therapy, never defeated by his physical ills and even now finding ways to make more and better music when physical limits assailed him. Most of all it was great to hear about his undying love for the world and that beautiful eastern North Carolina swampland, the Tar River by his back doorstep and the sweet blackwater creeks where good friends still paddle him around among the cypress trees and blue herons. Mike and his music are a part of many lives. Lucky am I to be one of them.

Mike Hamer is connected to

Mike Hamer is connected to his soul. His music is centered and has great respect for himself and for his community of listeners. Mike works to embrace differences in a way that is refreshing. He is attuned to the Great Spirit at work within each living being. His work is fresh and vital to the community. Listening to him provides one with time to play, to be sensual, to be nostalgic and to promote healing within. He is a true blessing both to the wheelchair bound and to the persons who are able to walk and to run. Mike's light is a testimony to the richness within his soul and spirit. Just cannot put anymore words into this space that tells you the love for this special human being.

One of the good'ns

In case you haven't heard, Mike Hamer passed away today.

RIP: He was one of the good'ns.

Take care,

Flash in Durham, NC

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