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Russ Downs

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Singer/songwriter Russ Downs has been making music of many sorts for a couple decades - pop, rock, rockabilly, Christian, and more. Arlington, VA, is home with some time in Nashville, and his religious travels have taken him from non-practicing Methodist to Unitaritarian Universalist. Russ has an independent and compassionate mind, and plenty of heart in his songs.

All the songs in this program are performed by Russ Downs:

A Little Love
Holy Love
House on Fire
Beautiful Imperfect World


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Great program!

Great program! Russ writes from his heart. His personal experiences have enhanced if not perfected his songwriting talent. Russ, you are a romantic, keep up the great lyrics. Bry

A wonderful introduction to your show

This is a most wonderful introduction to your show. Russ Downs is the consummate artist--performer and creator. You have truly brought out his spirit. I love his music, and I thank you for having it on your generous show. Yours truly, Barbara Dixon

Why I believe this fellow is

Why I believe this fellow is a genius! O.k. maybe not, thank you Mark for having me. It sounds great, I will spread the word.

Russ I love it. Your niece

Russ I love it. Your niece trixie is so proud & happy for you!!! Went on my space & listened to the songs. Great!!! Don't ever forget us. Congratulations

I know Russ: as a performer,

I know Russ: as a performer, teacher, producer, friend--and still I learned a lot about his beliefs and songs. Thanks for a great show, Mark and Russ.

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