Savannah Rhae - Pancreatic Cancer Journey


Savannah Rhae

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Savannah Rhae was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in the spring of 2007, a disease that is fatal to 75% of people in the first 12 months. Savannah has done some traditional medicine, but she's also radically changed her diet and opened herself bountifully to community and to the Holy Spirit in facing this challenge.

With information and support from the Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Network and the Center for the Advancement of Cancer Education, Savannah has learned and lived vividly through what many people think of as a dark time.

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It's Not Easy Being Green - The Muppets
Embrace The Chaos (The Same) - Poppy Moelter
A Living Prayer - Alison Krause & Union Station


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Savannah passed from this

Savannah passed from this world this morning. I thank you for sharing this interview with us on her Caringbridge site. What a pleasure it is to hear her voice. I will listen again and again. What a great interview, with lots of insight. I will miss my friend but I can now find a little bit of her here. Thank you!

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