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Savannah Rhae

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Savannah Rhae chose the name she now carries, just as she has self-examined and chosen to be the person she is in other ways. Raised Methodist, she is currently a member of Unity Christ Center in Eau Claire.

Having played a number of different instruments, Savannah is connected with music in many, many ways. Having journeyed for years through the "self-help" universe, she learned how to help others along the way and, eventually, how to make the transition to self-healing through healing others.

Songs included in this program:

Prayer of Saint Francis   James Twyman
God's Cricket Chorus   Constance Demby
If You Were In Love With Yourself   MariĆ©nne Kreitlow
Ancient Springtime   David Tovey
Thank You For Hearing Me   Sinead O'Connor
Fired Up!   Holly Near
Bristlecone Pine   Charlie Sizemore



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What a treat to listen to the

What a treat to listen to the soul song of my friend Savannah. Even though I know her quite well, this listen gave me a new angle into her story. Loved to hear her laugh, too. Haven't we come a long way?

I listen to this one every

I listen to this one every few months. Savannah was such an inspiration to so many people. If there is such thing as angels in disguise, then she was definitely one of them.

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