Singing the Goddess: Stasa Morgan-Appel


Stasa Morgan-Appel

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Singing the Goddess

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Stasa Morgan-Appel is a Pagan Quaker with the gift of leading & sharing music and her feminist-pagan identity puts her at a particular spot on the wide Pagan spectrum. She co-authored A Winter Solstice Singing Ritual book & CD. She led a workshop on "Singing the Goddess" at the 2011 FGC gathering and is accompanied by 3 members of the workshop - Sandy Moon, Peggy Bright and Denise Madland - for this program.

You can find more info on Stasa on her blog or Stasa Morgan-Appel & Friends. Authors of the songs are also indicated:

We Are A Circle   Rick Hamouris
Tallis Canon on La/Full Moon Canon   Thomas Tallis/Stasa Morgan-Appel)
The River is Flowing   Diana Hildebrand-Hull
We Are Sending You Light   Melanie De More
Imani   Rachael A. K. Hazen
Meditation on Breathing   Sarah Dan Jones


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It was delightful and

It was delightful and inspiring. You should have Ms.Morgan=Appel on again. It seems she is also a Minister and her calling is Healing :- Spiritual, Physical, Relationships, etc. Why don't you have her back and interview her on her profession as a minister? She has lectured widely and led numerous workshops on Healing as well as Singing the Goddess. Ms. Morgan-Appel also considers music, especially singing, as part of the Healing experience. Would be interested in and definitely tune in to hear her again. Many of my friends, etc. have also expressed the same wish.

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