Stardreamer - Priscilla Herdman's Song of the Soul


Priscilla Herdman

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photo of Priscilla Herdman holding her acoustic guitar

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Priscilla Herdman is a shy person with the gift of a singing voice that carries the listener to laughter, tears, and wonder. With 13 CD, some solo, some family albums, and some as part of a trio, Priscilla shares audio riches to paint pictures. Trained to work in fashion, the folk music scene stole her away, and the rest is history, shared here!

All the songs in this program are performed by Priscilla Herdman:

Ashokan Farewell from Forever & Always
Follow That Road from Forever & Always, written by Anne Hills
Blue Boat Home from Into The Stars
Vincent from Into The Stars
The Play from Into The Stars



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Very nice show. We have a

Very nice show. We have a vinyl album of hers, the one with "waltzing with bears". I haven't heard her music for a very long time so it sure was nice to hear her.

A wonderful interview with

A wonderful interview with Priscilla---such a treat!

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