Susan Stark's Song of the Soul


Susan Stark

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cover of her CD "The Phoenix Sings at Sundown"

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Susan Stark is a spiritually deep and musically powerful musician. She has 4 albums behind her and one in the near future. She grew up a "preacher's kid", attended Earlham School of Religion, is the mother of 2 and the piano is her preferred instrument. Raised UCC, she's been Quaker most of her adult life.

All the songs in this program are performed by Susan Stark:

Why Do You Fight Me? - from Child of the Nuclear Age
Silly, Silly Song - from Rainbow People
Live Up to the Light - Live at FGC
Phoenix Sings At Sundown - from Phoenix Sings At Sundown
Connected at the Heart - Live at FGC
Rise, Rise Above It - Live at FGC
A Roof Over My Head - Live at FGC


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Susan has an amazing voice,

Susan has an amazing voice, there is a lot of depth in her music.This programme is a real service. Thank you, Brian

Yes, I also just listened to

Yes, I also just listened to your interview with Susan Stark today...I just found your podcasts and website today... WOW, what a great radio station and service you are providing! I wish I could hear your programs live, but I live in AZ (ok, no comments please about SB1070... our racist immigration law, I agree it's a horrible thing and yes, Sheriff Joe needs to be run out of town!). Anyway, it was so great to hear Susan's beautiful voice again and learn more about her story as a singer-songwriter. I haven't seen her for over 25 years when she and I lived at Olney Friends School back in 1983-4 where I taught music, so your podcast has now enabled me to get back in touch with Susan after all these years! Thanks so much, Namaste to all!

I forgot to mention... the

I forgot to mention... the program I was referring to and enjoyed so much was Song of the Soul, interview with Susan Stark, which aired in August, 2009 (which I found today!). Thanks for such a great website and radio station, please come to AZ soon, we need more progessive thinkers here like you all seem to be! God help us, perhaps some day this state will "see the light"... we do have 2 Quaker Meetings in the Phoenix area and several peace activist groups, believe it or not!

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