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Bruce Hecksel

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Bruce Hecksel

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Bruce & Julie Hecksel are Patchouli, 2 former city folks thriving on nature and music in rural Wisconsin, making deeply stirring vocal and instrumental songs to reconnect and deepen lives. Bruce answered the call of his guitar one semester short of finishing seminary, and it was a fortunate choice for music lovers everywhere.

All the songs in this program (except The Faith) are performed by Patchouli:

The Labyrinth
The Carrying
The Woodland
The Faith - Leonard Cohen
The Woods



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We thoroughly enjoyed the

We thoroughly enjoyed the program and in gaining insight into Bruce's musical journey. Rock on my friend.

I find this interview to be

I find this interview to be very interesting and thought provoking. I also think that Mark's interviews are more refreshing than the NPR program Fresh Air. In fact, I think the Song of the Soul program, this one with Bruce Hecksel is no exception, is a cross between Fresh Air and Speaking of Faith. Keep up the good work Mark!

This program is new to me. It

This program is new to me. It came to me from being on Patchouli's listserve and I'm so grateful. Hearing Bruce's journey and his freedom to pursue what he loves is very healing to me. I love the idea of ministering through music. It seems many of us brought up in the '50s and '60s were boxed in by a rather conservative stricture. Even though loving, it could bring a judgmental atmosphere which was easy to take on as baggage. Thank you, Bruce, Mark and Julie for bringing that joyful, loving sense of forgiveness.

Patchouli is my favorite

Patchouli is my favorite music so I enjoyed Bruce Hecksel's Song of the Soul. The site was easy to use and I am likely to listen again. Thank you for having Patchouli on your show!

Amazing to listen to!

I was soooo hapy to find Bruce and Julie's Song of the Soul. It made my day! I liked hearing their backgrounds and Im very glad Bruce chose guitar instead of seminary. Keep up tye amazing work!!!

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