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Jason Horowitz

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Jason Horowitz

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Jason Horowitz of The Whiskey Farm penned the tune that beat out 100's of competitors to win the Songs for Social Change 2017 contest. Weekdays he's mild-mannered child psychologist Dr. Horowitz, but on stage he and the other musicians of The Whiskey Farm exert superpowers of joy, healing, & transformation through Americana music flavored with country, rock, & bluegrass highlights.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:
Agnostic, Catholic, Jewish, Non-affiliated, Unitarian Universalist 

Unless otherwise indicated, all the songs in this program are written & performed by Jason Horowitz of The Whiskey Farm:
You Are Welcome Here - from Songs of Resistance
Keep Me Down - from Songs of Resistance
Enough for Me - by Anna Laube & Jason Horowitz - released as digital single - listen also on YouTube
Doc Holliday's Last Christmas - from Book of Matches
Songs of Resistance - from Songs of Resistance
If You See Him - from Book of Matches


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Great show!

I have seen this guy and his band, and they are awesome. Nice interview!


Thank you, Mark, for a really interesting conversation. It was like no other interview I have been a part of, and it was truly a pleasure.

Nice interview

I was really impressed with how deep you got into stuff with your guest. Thanks for the show.


That guy was fantastic.

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