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Ida Kristin

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Ida Kristin

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Ida Kristin's latest release, along with David Llewellyn, is Songs Around the Kitchen Table. Hailing from Sweden, with maternal Brazilian influences, and living part-time in Nashville, Ida leads hearts and souls to stir, ponder, & laugh, even more potently when paired with Welshman David. Inspired by biological science, tried by hardship, and rooted in meditation, Ida sings a powerful song of the soul.

All songs in this program are written & performed by Ida Kristin or David Llewellyn or both:
Coffee Shop Song - from Songs Around the Kitchen Table
To Be A Woman - on an upcoming Ida Kristin release
This Morning Blues - from Songs Around the Kitchen Table
Silent Aberfan - on an upcoming David Llewellyn release
Homeward - from Songs Around the Kitchen Table
Serenity Song - on an upcoming Ida Kristin release
Only God Knows - Songs Around the Kitchen Table


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Ida Kristin about David Llewellyn an Ida Kristin

This program was so touching.
The quintessence was that even if life struggles there is a meaning and there will be a solution that we can handle. We are always on our way somewhere and the way is leading to a better place.
Ida's voice is something I can not describe; going straight to the heart and DavidAndIda's songs are so beautiful. Also David's song about what happened in Wales was amazing, so touching.
And I must say; Mark, what a respectful and good listener you are, it was a joy listening to how you conducted the interview.

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