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Katherine Kocs

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Katherine Kocs was forced to retire prematurely from her job in social work because of a life-threatening medical condition, but not before creating Wisconsin's ground-breaking Bullying Prevention program. Raised Catholic, Katherine now finds her spirituality through activism.



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Her sensitivity comes thru

Kathi's sensitivity comes through on her selection of songs. They sing of caring, political activism, and heart. From Scottish fiddlers singing the Road of Tears to the Greatful Dead, this is inclusive and thoughtful music. What a journey. Lovely to hear Kathi's voice as well as the music. She is a wonderful spirit facing a dangerous time. Her soul and spirit comes through...she will face the lions and anything up ahead with grace. Hugs and God be with You, Marney



Kathi, I'm listening to Song

Kathi, I'm listening to Song of the Soul interview. It is really moving. Thank you for sending it. I forwarded it on to Sister Sue, and Brother Jim who are both praying for you. Blessings and love my friend.

I have just finished

I have just finished listening to your program in its entirety. Kathi, thank you so much for your gift to our family as well as to the world. The music was wonderful, with artists Fred and I have never heard. Your words were enlightening and gave me a much better sense of you and your soul. You have always been an inspiration to me with your accomplishments throughout your life and times of difficulties. Your sons and the entire family are so much richer for having you as part of our lives, Peace and love, Mary Bliss

Kathi- Your "Song of the Soul

Kathi- Your "Song of the Soul" was beautiful! I want to thank you for sharing it and thank Northern Spirit Radio for broadcasting it. Web and I listened to it and we both learned something about you that we had not known before. You are an incredible person - so intelligent, thoughtful, and generous. I am proud to be your sister! I love you.

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