The Verdant Mile


Tracy Grammer

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Tracy Grammer is, via her website, a poetry-loving, type A ex-head cheerleader, graphic designer, classically trained violinist and karaoke queen with Florida roots and California cool. And for a handful of years she was in a folk duo with the incredible Dave Carter, which makes this a story for the ages. One of their songs, Gentle Arms of Eden, was rated 75 in the top 100 folk songs of all times, so you know this is great folk music!

All the songs in this program are performed by Tracy Grammer
Solitary Man
Gypsy Rose (AKA Gypsy Down)
The Mountain
Phantom Doll
The Verdant Mile


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Thank you so much to Mark

Thank you so much to Mark Helpsmeet, and of course to Tracy Grammer, for this programme! (I've not finished listening to it yet - but now that I've purchased 'The Mountain' from iTunes perhaps I can finally get to the end of the programme! LOL!)

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