Sings a Bright Blue Bird - Joe Maurer's Song of the Soul


Joe Maurer

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Joe Maurer

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Joe Maurer is the Coconut half of the musical duo Coconut & the Duke. They produce music which is creative, eclectic, and engaging. Joe is multi-talented, working as a solar & landscape designer with Next Step Energy and farming as part of St. Isidore’s Mead Organic Dairy Farm.

All the songs in this program are written & performed by Coconut & the Duke/Joe Maurer & Lucas Stengl:
Tre Melo
Brother Can You Spare a Dime
3rd Night
Venison Jerky
Sings a Bright Blue Bird
Visiting Dan


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Nicely done, Mark and Joe!

Nicely done, Mark and Joe! Mark, you do a good job with research; noticed your questions are keyed to the authenticity of your guests, and I think that makes your show incredibly interesting. Joe, loved how you shredded and shined on your live song written for Dan. Farmily: farm•i•ly. /färm?le/ Adverb 1. In cultivation, of growing food, or in the keeping livestock. 2. At ease with hands in dirt, on farm apparati, or on quadrupeds (especially ruminants).

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