Forever At the Door - Ann Mayo Muir's Song of the Soul


Ann Mayo Muir

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Ann Mayo Muir has a long pedigree as a folk singer/songwriter, including many years as part of the near-legendary trio, Bok,Trickett, & Muir. Talented on a number of instruments and with a beautiful, evocative, voice, there is power and depth in all of her music. With a deep connection to the sea, she lives in France on a peninsula jutting into the Mediterranean.

All songs in this program are performed by Ann Mayo Muir:

Mystery Bow  
Connie's Garden/Martin & The Fox from Notes From Across The Sea
Broken Umbrella (Welcome the Gift Life Sends)  
O-E Dally from The Music of Ann Mayo Muir
Forever Came to Call  
Snow Gull  

BONUS EXCERPT - A Kiss to Keep (with Ensemble Galilei & Ken Damkier)


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I listened to your interview

I listened to your interview with Ann Mayo Muir last night. What a charming lady! And she can still sing! I'm sorry that she, Gordon, and Ed no longer record together. I especially enjoyed the story behind "Broken Umbrellas".

Wonderful show. I'm very glad

Wonderful show. I'm very glad to have learned of this program. Ann is a delight to hear, speaking or singing. I'll want to listen to this again, but for now, onward to the the Bok and Tricket interviews!

Annie's love for music was so

Annie's love for music was so evident in this interview. Finding out the background of the artist and their music adds so.much to the songs. I love her song "Forever Came to My Door"......I find myself singing the melody over and over. Annie lives her songs,indeed.

Wonderful show both musically

Wonderful show both musically and personally. Thanks for making it available.

Thank you so much for sharing

Thank you so much for sharing Ann mayo Muir with us. I have been listining to Ann since I was a very young child. My favorite album for much of my youth was MAGIC PENNY (if you havent heard it, ask her for a copy!)I was so very pleased to hear her singing with Gordon and Ed! So happy to hear her still singing!Her music always makes you feel better! Thank you Ann

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