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Sandy Weisto

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Sandy Weisto

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Sandy Weisto has been a part of Milwaukee's folk music scene for 30 years, in front of and behind the spotlights. Having done organizing and sound for Milwaukee's The Coffee House and at The Miramar Theatre, and performed individually and with groups like Sweet DiversityThe Silver Linings, and, currently, Green Sails, Sandy puts a beautiful voice to great music.

All the songs in this program are performed by Sandy Weisto (in various collaborations), though all but the first are written by other folks::

You Are A Blessing In My Life - written and performed by Sandy Weisto
Not In My Name - written by John McCutcheon, performed by Sweet Diversity
Blood and Gold - written by Andy Irvine & Jane Cassidy, performed by Sweet Diversity
The Last Leviathan - written by Andy Barnes, performed by Sweet Diversity
Brown Leaves - words by Opal Whiteley, music by Michael Smith, performed by Sandy Weisto
Red Haired Mary/Bill Sullivan's Polka - Traditional Irish Songs, performed by Green Sails

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Yeah! Sandy!

Yeah! Sandy!

Sandy is....

the best. Thank you Sandy for all that you do!!

Sandy's Interview

Sandy, you have a voice like velvet! Loved listening to the show and the singing!

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