Peace of Pakistan


Irfan Ali Taj

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Irfan Ali Taj

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Irfan Ali Taj left the business world to follow his passion, making music full of peace, understanding, & spirit. Originally fom Chitral in the north of Pakistan, living in Karachi, Taj loves passing Chitrali folk culture forward. You can catch Taj on YouTube and on Facebook.

Featured music, performed by Irfan Ali Taj & his friends:

Ashiqi Angar - written by Mir Saleem, performed by Irfan Ali Taj & Zoe Viccajii
Ishq Daryah - performed by Irfan Ali Taj & Moaaz Afridi
Dunya Ju Baso - written by Irfan Ali Taj, performed by Irfan Ali Taj & Zoe Viccajii
Hymn for the Weekend - by Coldplay, performed by Irfan Ali Taj & Moaaz Afridi
All Fall Down - by One Republic, performed by Irfan Ali Taj & Moaaz Afridi

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Taj and Zoe

Great show. What a wonderful tonic for the various types of crud that can creep up on our heath and spirit this time of year !

Thank you Taj, Zoe and Northern Spirit Radio

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