Pete Seeger's Bountiful Harvest, Part 1


Leda Schubert
Joe Jencks
Charlie King
Pat Lamanna

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Pete Seeger planted seeds of music & change everywhere he went, and some of that harvest is shared today (& next week) by a visit with Leda Schubert, author of Listen: How Pete Seeger Got America Singing (and also The Princess of Borscht), and musician friends of Pete's, Joe JencksCharlie King, and Pat Lamanna (and several more folks next week!). Pete was inspirational & transforming for so many people!

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Quaker, Society for Ethical Culture, Unitarian Universalist

Featured Music:
Let Me Sing You A Song - by Joe Jencks
Spoon of Sand - by Charlie King
Keep Him Singing - by Pat Lamanna

And more next week!!!


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More Pete is good for what ails us all!

I am greatly honored to be included in this three-part radio documentary about the great Pete Seeger. Mark Judkins Helpsmeet turned a thoughtful interview about my new children's picture book biography of Pete ("Listen: How Pete Seeger Got America Singing") into an insightful and extended look at Pete's life, work, and influence, and-- of course-- his music, and the whole thing is just fabulous. I was delighted by Mark's thoroughness, and I hope his superb show reaches a very wide audience. More Pete is good for what ails us all!

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