Choice Poverty, Unschooling, Guns & Pepper Spray


Sarah Kyrie

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Sarah Kyrie

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Sarah (or Seres) Kyrie is living a life exploring the edge of the American cultural tides, and she captures the inner journey powerfully through her writing. Some of this experience and reflection is captured in a series of articles she wrote for Friends Journal entitled Choice PovertyQuakers and Unschooling, and Guns & Pepper Spray, and she has some-time blog with some more of her writings.

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2/26/17 Program

This was very interesting. I am not a Quaker (though I had a "War Is Not The Answer" yard sign years ago.) Thank you!

Seres Kyrie show

We have lived with an income that was below taxable level for 30 plus years, but it wasn't near poverty the whole time. We actually had the highest income when we had the most deductions. A coworker from Africa visited our farm once and as soon as he got out of his car he said "you"re rich!". I agreed. Like Seres and her family, it was helpful to have white privilege, generous and helpful parents and a good education. Another helpful thing to have is good mental wellness. I think most people who live in voluntary simplicity have the best mental wellness, but maybe that's because they think like me.
Great discussion!

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