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Debby Thomas

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Missionary doing holistic development in Rwanda? To a lot of folks almost any other destination might have seemed preferable to God's call for Debby & David Thomas to become missionaries in Rwanda just after the genocide of1994.

But they obeyed, and both have found profound work in the course of their 10 years there, Debby with a call to energy alternatives, sustainable agriculture and transformational development.

Debby & David Thomas are supported by Evangelical Friends Mission and are from Northwest Yearly Meeting.


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I can relate to these young

I can relate to these young missionaries because they are Quakers and their spiritual perspective. It has much more meaning to me, personally. I loved listening to their involvement with the local agriculture. I agree that it's best to teach someone to fish than to provide fish. Teaching empowers people. My own personal belief is that teaching someone about the spirit within us all is the ultimate empowerment. Conversely, teaching that God is outside and requires a third party for salvation is the ultimate enslavement.

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