My Roots Go Down


Sarah Pirtle

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Sarah Pirtle

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Sarah Pirtle has deep roots which feed the abundant branches and fruits of her work for peace, wholeness, and care for the planet. Like the Olive Branch Award she received for her book, An Outbreak of Peace, 1 of 6 books she's written. And the 10 albums she's released. Pete Seeger said, "If you want to hear some of the best songs out there today...listen to Sarah Pirtle." Other branches of Sarah's work include being the central founder of the Children's Music Network and her long-time participation in the People's Music Network and Traprock Center for Peace and Justice.

All the songs in this program are written & performed by Sarah Pirtle:
Home for Dinner - on Everyday Bravery
My Roots Go Down/Two Hands Hold the Earth/Believe - special studio recording of brief excerpts from
The Ballad of Juanita Nelson - on Everyday Bravery
That Quiet Place - on Everyday Bravery
Mama’s Weaving - on Pocketful of Wonder and Better Together
U-wi-ta (Coming Together) - on YouTubeand a not released recording
The Sun Inside Us - on The Wind is Telling Secrets and Better Together
Follow the Voice - on Magical Earth and Green Flame and Better Together
Heart of the World - on Heart of the World and Better Together
Colors of Earth - on The Wind is Telling Secrets and Better Together


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