The Peace Sing-along - Eau Claire's Song of the Soul


Kent Garrison
Florence Garrison
Ruthie Rosauer
Bobbi Kuchta
Esther Hinshaw
Leah Langby
Oliva Langby
Sandra Helpsmeet
Betty Hirsh
Jean Geissler
Mark Helpsmeet

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A number of folks in Eau Claire started Advent with a Peace Sing-along. The event was organized by Eau Claire Friends Meeting (Quakers), hosted by Unity Christ Center, and co-sponsored by Eau Claire's Unitarian Universalist Congregationthe Network of Spiritual Progressives and Plymouth Congregational United Church of Christ, each providing 15 minutes of peace-related songs for all to sing. Although the recording quality was low, the Spirit of the gathering was high!

The songs shared and who led them led and introduced them:

Unity Christ Center - led by Kent & Florence Garrison

I’ve Got Peace Like A River
Love, Peace and Joy
We Will Live In Peace/Dona Nobis Pacem

Unitarian Universalist Congregation - led by Ruthie Rosauer & Bobbi Kuchta

Deep Peace
May There Be Peace
Da Pacem Domine

Eau Claire Friends Meeting (Quaker) - led by Esther Hinshaw, Leah Langby, Oliva Langby, Sandra Helpsmeet

Study War No More
This Little Light Of Mine
We Shall Overcome
Every Part of This Earth

Network of Spiritual Progressives - led by Betty Hirsh, Jean Geissler

Unfortunately NOT recorded due to a technical glitch were:
Let There Be Peace On Earth
Let Justice Flow Like Streams

But we did get the last four songs led by the NSP contingent:

Bring Forth The Kingdom
When Our Song Says Peace
Sing Out Earth and Skies
Magic Penny

Plymouth Congregational UCC - Cyndi Bradbury absent due to the flu - we sang a song she picked out

If I Had A Hammer

Concluding songs - led by Mark & Sandra Helpsmeet

Peace Will Come
The Trees of the Field


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This is such an enjoyable

This is such an enjoyable radio show! Every time I'm feeling down, I pick the latest show and my spirits are always lifted! This peace sing-along especially bring me all smiles hearing the songs I grew up singing at Nightengales, a Quaker gathering for singing and sharing in the Midwest. Thanks for your beautiful voices and souls!

Ok, Mark now it's this little

Ok, Mark now it's this little light of mine,and I want to add that- all the way to Toulouse you've shown your light and it's brightened my day, you are an amazing person who has been able to bring out the best in people, thank you.

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