Supporting War Tax Resisters: Sharing the Brunt


Peter Smith

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Peter Smith

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The War Tax Resistance Penalty Fund ( is a way to help manage the risks of conscientious objectors to paying for war, something to think seriously about as April 15th approaches. Peter Smith talks about work with the WTRPF, the National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee, Olive Tree Nicaragua, the Michiana Peace & Justice Coalition, and the St. Augustine Soup Kitchen.

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What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes? - by Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings

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We've never made enough money to pay taxes in almost 40 years of our adult life. One thing as you mentioned it's kind of invisible. No one knows our original intention of staying below a taxable income level. We often forget.

4/5/15 program on war tax resistance

Thanks so much for producing this excellent program on WTR. Peter Smith is someone who really puts his beliefs into action. The war tax resister penalty fund is a creative way to support the war tax resisters if one is unable to resist oneself. I hope you can interview a new war tax resister every year on tax day, highlighting the different types of war tax resistance including the path of living below taxable income level.
Paula Rogge MD, Madison, Wi. war tax resister

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