Tom Allen's Song of the Soul


Tom Allen

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photo of Tom Allen playing guitar in front of what appears to be a pile of wooden crates.

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Tom Allen is very involved in Transcendental Mediation, Men's work, and working for world peace, especially on the spiritual plane. He's a talented guitarist of many styles - classical, jazz and much more. In addition he has a long history with Christian praise bands, A COURSE IN MIRACLES, and other contemporary expressions of Christ's energy.

All the songs in this program are performed by Tom Allen:

Jan's Piece   by Tom Allen
Sunlight Streaming In My Window   by Tom Allen
Little Train   by Tom Allen
Hey the Day   by Tom Allen
Girl With the Belly Button Ring   by Tom Allen
The 38 Notes   by Tom Allen



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This was a great interview

This was a great interview. I found Mr. Allen's songs and musical compositions delightful and uplifting. I especially enjoyed what he had to say about his involvement with Transcendental Meditation and how he was helping to establish World Peace through practice of the program. I hope to hear more of his songs in the future. Helene Darisse

I loved listening

I loved listening to Tom. He is not the best singer, but he can sure play the guitar. He is a fantastic player. I'm in awe of his playing. He is also a wonderful person.

Tom shines

Enjoyed the music and interview. Thanks. Tom shines.

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