Denise Jordan Finley

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photo of Denise Jordan Finley singing & playing guitar in concert

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Denise Jordan Finley performs in a duo with Daniel Pagdon as Finley and Pagdon. Denise has decades of experience with other duos and configuration, but the real suprise is that she's only really got her stride as a songwriter in the 12 years or so. With music rooted in folk or Americana, she ranges to bluegrass, jazz and much more. As a non-conforming believer, directing music in the Presbyterian Church, she's a deep soul and a musical voyageur.

All the songs in this program are performed by Finley and Pagdon:

Memorial Day from Hauntress
What Child Is This? from Solstice
How Fair Is My Baby from Hauntress
Solstice Song from Solstice
Dona Nobis Pacem from Solstice
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear from Solstice
Just Outside of Time from Hauntress


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It was a real pleasure

It was a real pleasure creating my Song of the Soul program! I very much enjoy your show, and had a pleasant listen to our own conversation in the edition you recorded with me. Thanks for inviting me to be a part of it all!

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