Witness to War, Iraq & Japan


Ash Kyrie

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Ash Kyrie

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Ash Kyrie spent 18 months serving the USA as a Wisconsin National Guardsperson sent to Iraq, and it changed him. The road home to fullness includes time with other vets, support from family & community, and a long peace march in Japan, plus lots of subsequent Japanese connections. And art that helps bridge the gap from soldier to civilian, and war zone to back home.

Watch a few videos, including a slideshow with narrative of Japanese peaceworkers Ash has met, and a walk-through of several of Ash's art projects related to understanding war, and a video about Ash's OSU MFA Thesis exhibition.

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Heartfelt and inspirational

Your programs are always heartfelt and inspirational. KLOI, and the Lopez Island community, is grateful that you share your deep thoughts and music with us.

Thank you!

Such an amazing journey this young man has already traveled. Ash is so articulate and a deep, wise soul. Thank you for this splendid interview.

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