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Linley Dixon

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Linley Dixon

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Linley Dixon is senior scientist of the staff of The Cornucopia Institute, our leading organic standards watchdog & advocate. With a masters degree in Plant & Soil Science, a Ph.D. in Plant Pathology, 2 years work with the USDA, and hands-on experience with her organic farm (Adobe House Farm) in Durango, Colorado, Linley combines the knowledge and work to advocate for honest & accurate organic standards.

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Earth-Based Spirituality, Non-affiliated, Quaker

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Organics, Cornucopia Institute aims etc

This was a very informative and educational interview, and I thank both interviewer and guest for such a worthwhile effort! I intend to share this site with several contacts, starting with this particular broadcast!
Disclosure... I am a former NOSB member, 2001-2006, appointed to fill seat for health educator/public advocate, and have served on Cornucopia Board since 2007.

NSR equals pancakes

Sunday AM often has us having Sunday pancake breakfast to your program of the week. So you are forever associated with pancakes and that is good.

Perfect antidote

Thank you for your interviews. It is the perfect antidote to this Trump virus.

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